Saratiba allows standardised, encoded data collection and simplifies cross-institutional cooperation. International catalogues and standards (e.g. ICD-10, ICD-O-3, CTCAE, LOINC, ATC) are used for diagnosis, therapy planning and treatment.


Focus on the Patient

Quick and easy customisation of therapy protocols can be done in the central patient calendar. Using drag & drop either individual elements or entire therapy components can be added, altered or moved.

A unique, diagnosis-specific questionnaire system accelerates amongst other things the staging/restaging process and simultaneously facilitates any internal or external reporting duties. Predefined protocols simplify planning and reduce time necessary for data entry. The patients’ medical history is seamlessly recorded whereby the complete documentation for quality control purposes is established.

screenshot Therapy planning in the patient calendar
Therapy planning in the patient calendar
Process-supported diagnosis aided by international catalogues
Selection of therapy protocols for the specific diagnosis
Checklists for treatment with different workflow states and integrated documentation


The integration of CHES – Computer-based Health Evaluation System – includes the patients’ subjective health status and surveys side effects during the treatment process (e.g. by using the iPad app). This improves treatment success and patient satisfaction. Patient reported outcomes (PRO) increasingly improve the individualised planning of oncological therapy. The patient and his or her well-being play an important role in the selection of the ideal treatment option. Because Saratiba supports the complete functionality of CHES, it allows for a holistic therapy approach.

Questionnaire for the integration of PRO in oncological therapy
Questionnaire for the integration of PRO in oncological treatment

Clinical Cancer Registry

Saratiba can also serve as a clinical cancer registry because of the comprehensiveness of the collected data and its analysis functions. This ensures quality control at your institute. The basic oncological database for mandatory cancer registries can easily be generated and transferred for processing to other institutions via automated interfaces.

Research & Studies

Saratiba offers detailed data entry capabilities and logs every data alteration with a timestamp. Administration efforts are greatly reduced by consolidating all data in one system. As a result, this information can be ideally used for evaluation and analysis. The structured database simplifies the implementation of clinical studies. Patients can participate in cross-institutional studies and are granted access to innovative treatment possibilities regardless of their location.

Intelligent Integration

The oncological expert system links patient data with the latest medical research and interprets these on the basis of modern algorithms. The system operates as an intelligent assistant that supports the diagnostic process, therapy choice and planning.

All relevant data and treatment details are gathered or merged with information from other systems. Saratiba is seamlessly integrated into the existing IT environment. This reduces waiting time, optimises workflows and improves data quality. Drug orders to the pharmacy system can be carried out either manually or automatically. 

Through close cooperation between doctors and software developers, the needs of the clinical procedures, the technical implementation and management requirements were defined and combined in Saratiba. Owing to its modular structure an ideal solution can be created for every institute.