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World-Direct develops comprehensive business solutions, internet applications and products for medium-sized and large companies. Together with our parent company A1 Telekom Austria we can provide the reliability and strength of a large Austrian corporation. At the same time we remain specialists that preserve our flexibility and spirit of innovation.

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Research Project OncoT.Net

Saratiba has evolved from the research project OncoT.Net under the scientific guidance of Oncotyrol. The Südtiroler Sanitätsbetrieb, especially the hospital Franz Tappeiner in Merano played a leading role in the design of the oncological processes and content for the software. The company ESD Evaluation Software Development was also a partner within the research group and supported mainly with its expertise in including patient reported outcomes (PRO) into the oncological treatment. And finally, World-Direct, which was  responsible for the technical  realisation and the software development.

Südtiroler Sanitätsbetrieb



Oncotyrol - Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine GmbH

Evaluation Software Development (ESD)